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All of the following articles are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. You can download the free Acrobat Reader here

A brief history of microphones (pdf)
- microphones from 1861 to the present day
Hugh Robjohns

Engineering the sound of frogs (pdf)
- recording frogs in Denmark takes considerable skill and tenacity
Ronnie Bille

How to reduce wind noise and vibration (pdf)
Chris Woolf

Shields, grounds and microphone cables (pdf)
- the complexities of shielding and balanced cabling explained by one of the acknowledged masters of the subject
Bill Whitlock

Surround sound, yesterday, today and tomorrow (pdf)
- a review of surround techniques from 1881 to the present day
Dave Malham

The interpretation of the microphone data sheets (pdf)
- how to extract some in-depth information from behind the data
Michael Williams

Getting Techno-Physical
- an argument for the need to understand the technical principles of microphone
Jörg Wuttke

The Feeble Phantom
- a spirited explanation of the standards behind phantom powering and how to exorcise many of the associated problems
Jörg Wuttke

Aligning Coincident Microphones
- a brief guide to aligning coincident XY microphone pairs
Hugh Robjohns

Powering Microphones
- the common powering methods for microphones
Chris Woolf

Microphones, Preamps and Impedance
- a tricky subject
Rob Jones

Multichannel Microphone Array Design (MMAD)
- extending the concept of stereo recording angles to Surround Sound Recording
Michael Williams

The Stereophonic Zoom
Michael Williams